1. Time and delivery cost depend on the type of shipment:

1A) Shipment cost

- domestic shipment by courier (EUROPE) - 10,00 EURO

- foreign shipment: determined individually (the price depends on the desitination country and zone as well as the type of shipment: Polish post or courier service). To the countries: Western Europe – courier shipment – shipment costs 10.00 EURO.

1B) Cost of returning  (10 EURO)  to sender (Bornonboard Store) after exhausting all possibilities of delivery or release – shall be borne by a recipient/ordering party (Customer). On cancelling an order and refunding the Customer, the cost of returning the shipment (10 EURO) shall be deducted from the order amount and the difference shall be paid to the Customer’s/Ordering Party’s account.

2. A Customer shall be informed on the situation when a product is temporarily unavailable. In this situation, at a Customer’s consent, delivery time may be extended or a Customer may withdraw from the purchase.

3. Processing time begins with crediting the payment to the bank account of the Store. Processing time includes only working days. Order processing time, i.e. the time from placing an order to shipping the ordered products by the Store, is 3 working days. Should the processing time turn out to be longer than that provided at the order placing time, the Store shall contact a Customer by phone or email to inform about a delay and confirm if the order is still to be processed. Delivery time to a Customer is the sum of  shipment date from the Store (up to 3 days) and delivery time. Delivery time is 1 – 2 working days.

4. The Store shall not be liable for delays through the fault of a courier company.

5. Not providing a mailing address (in compliance with the information while placing an order) shall result in shipping the goods to the payer’s address.

6. On delivery confirmation a product becomes the property of a Customer. The Customer shall verify the content of the delivery in the presence of the forwarding agent and in the case of distruction or damage of the product during transport the Customer shall write a damage protocol (in the presence of the forwarding agent). This protocol shall constitute the basis for the complaint recognition.