1. The owner of the Online Store, herein after referred to as the ‚Store‘ is the company Goood - Paweł Jaworski, with its registered office in  Opole, ul. Prosta 3A and entered into the register of entrepreneurs under number 6411/38136/2008.

2. Address for correspondence:

ul.Prosta 3a

45-526 Opole

Tel. +48 601 480 124


3. Goood - Paweł Jaworski is the party of a sales agreement concluded with a Customer and is provided on a VAT invoice as the seller of the products ordered by the Customer.

4. A Customer is a person or a company/institution buying a product via the Store’s website Orders in the Store may be placed only by persons who are at least 18 years of age.  

5. Placing an order is tantamount to accepting these rules and regulations.

6. Account number: ING BŚ PL70 1050 1038 1000 0023 2685 8855


1.The Store sells products via the Internet. The Store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however orders are handled from Mondays thorough Fridays from 10:00 – 18:00. Orders placed on weekdays after 18:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be implemented no earlier than the next business day.

2. All products placed in the Store are new.

3. The prices of the products are given in Polish zlotys and are gross prices (include VAT). The prices do not include a delivery price.

4. The price given for each product is binding upon placing an order by a Customer.

5. The Store reserves the right to change the prices provided in the offer and to carry out and cancel promotion actions.

6. In the case of promotion, the number of goods may be limited. When the stocks are exhausted, the order placement time shall decide on the purchase.

7. A VAT invoice/cash register receipt is included to each product mailed.


1. The purchase of a product is carried out by placing an order by a Customer in the Online Store

2, Confirmation of the order realization takes place once a Customer receives an email message with confirmation from the Store. Thereby a purchase – sale agreement is concluded between the Customer and Goood - Paweł Jaworski, the owner of the Online Store

3. While placing orders a Customer is asked to provide his contact data (first name, surname, telephone and email) and the address to which the delivery is to be made. In the case when the content part of the transfer does not contain delivery address, the product will be sent to the payer’s address. 

4. In the case a Customer has provided incomplete, insufficient data required for realization of the transaction, the Store may contact the Customer to supplement them. If a telephone or email contact with the Customer is impossible, transaction may be not executed. 

5. The Store reserves the right to additional verification of the order placed by contacting a Customer.

6. A Customer hast he right to withdraw from the order or change it at any time before ist execution. To withdraw from the order a Customer should immediately contact the Store sending an email to the following address:

7. Should it happen the execution of an order is impossible or may be delayed due to lack of a product or due to other reasons, the Store shall immediately inform a Customer about the situation.

8. Placing an order a Customer selects the method of payment.

9. The cost of delivery is covered by a Customer. In some specific cases the cost of delivery may be covered by the Store.

10. The execution of the order takes place upon receipt of the payment on the Store’s account, maximum 3 (working) days after the payment has been credited to the Store’s account.

11. Foreign payments can be made only and solely via transfer to the bank account provided in the email message. The price for foreign shipment is determined individually with a Customer before the order is executed. The order with a foreign shipment shall be deemed as accepted  once the payment for the order and agreed on and accepted amount for foreign shipment has been credited to the account. Foreign shipments shall be delivered by a COURIER. At the sole request we can make the shipment by Poczta Polska [Polish Post].

12. The goods ordered shall be mailed to the address provided by a Customer while placing an order.

13. The orders not paid for within 5 working days shall be cancelled automatically. 


1. Time and delivery cost depend on the type of shipment:

1A) Shipment cost

- domestic shipment by courier (EUROPE) - 10,00 EURO

- foreign shipment: determined individually (the price depends on the desitination country and zone as well as the type of shipment: Polish post or courier service). To the countries: Western Europe – courier shipment – shipment costs 10.00 EURO.

1B) Cost of returning  (10 EURO)  to sender (Bornonboard Store) after exhausting all possibilities of delivery or release – shall be borne by a recipient/ordering party (Customer). On cancelling an order and refunding the Customer, the cost of returning the shipment (10 EURO) shall be deducted from the order amount and the difference shall be paid to the Customer’s/Ordering Party’s account.

2. A Customer shall be informed on the situation when a product is temporarily unavailable. In this situation, at a Customer’s consent, delivery time may be extended or a Customer may withdraw from the purchase.

3. Processing time begins with crediting the payment to the bank account of the Store. Processing time includes only working days. Order processing time, i.e. the time from placing an order to shipping the ordered products by the Store, is 3 working days. Should the processing time turn out to be longer than that provided at the order placing time, the Store shall contact a Customer by phone or email to inform about a delay and confirm if the order is still to be processed. Delivery time to a Customer is the sum of  shipment date from the Store (up to 3 days) and delivery time. Delivery time is 1 – 2 working days.

4. The Store shall not be liable for delays through the fault of a courier company.

5. Not providing a mailing address (in compliance with the information while placing an order) shall result in shipping the goods to the payer’s address.

6. On delivery confirmation a product becomes the property of a Customer. The Customer shall verify the content of the delivery in the presence of the forwarding agent and in the case of distruction or damage of the product during transport the Customer shall write a damage protocol (in the presence of the forwarding agent). This protocol shall constitute the basis for the complaint recognition.


1. Placing an order a Customer accepts the selection of the method of payment:

-via PayU fast payment

- via Paypal (for persons who have a Paypal account)

- with Visa or Mastercard via Paypal (Paypal account opening is not required)


1. A Customer may withdraw from the purchase within 14 days from  the date of the receipt of the product. The products shall be returned undamaged, unused and in original packaging. The product together with the declaration of withdrawal from the agreement and the VAT invoice received with the purchase should be sent to the following address: Bornonboard ul.Prosta 3a 45-526 Opole, Polska.

In this case the product shipment cost to the Store shall be borne by the Customer.

The form can be downloaded here.

2. If the product is not damaged and does not bear the signs of being used, refund shall be made within 14 working days from the date of receiving the product by the Store.

3. If the product delivered has been damaged during transport, the basis of complaint shall be a protocol written on receipt in the presence of the forwarding agent. The damaged product together with the protocol sould be sent to the address of the Store.

4. In the event of any deficiencies or production defects of a product, please return the product together with a letter of explanation to the address of the Bornonboard Store: ul.Prosta 3a 45-526 Opole.The form can be downloaded here.

5. Any complaints shall be dealt with within 14 working days of receipt. After accepting the complaint a damaged product shall be replaced with a new one and should it prove impossible due to the exhaustion of stocks, the Shop shall reimburse the Customer within 14 working days or offer a selection of another product available in similar price.

A) Lens scratches are found to be a sign of regular use and they are not covered by warranty.

6. All complaint shipments should be made at a Customer’s expense and in the event of accepting the complaint, the transport costs shall be reimursed by the Store within 14 working days. We do not accept cash on delivery shipments.

7. The basis of a complaint acceptance shall be the attached proof of purchase (a VAT invoice/cash register receipt).


A) Register your BOB glasses within 30 days from the date of purchase (invoice/receipt date) clicking the button ‚Register‘ . Link to the website here

B) If the BOB glasses/goggles are lost or damaged, click here and choose the button ‚Retrieve‘. Prepare beforehand your individual code to use which you received during the purchase registration (from the address You only pay for the cost of international mail (12$)

Account number for payments for the shipment Bank ING PL 04 1050 1504 1000 0091 0200 4992.

C) If you cannot find in your mail your code number, write to the address

D) Processing time counts from the reporting date to our Store. Processing time includes only working days. Processing time, i.e. the time between reporting and sending a new pair from the Store is 14 working days. Should the processing time turn out to be longer than that specified at the reporting time, the Store shall contact you by phone to inform about the delay and confirm your wish further processing. Delivery time to a Customer is the sum of the shipment time from the Store (up to 3 days) and the delivery time. The delivery time is 1 – 2 working days, Polish Post Priority Mail within the country.

E) The insurance covers only and solely one claim and one replacement with a new pair.


All data provided to us are carefully protected in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

1. Placing an order via the online Store a Customer will be asked to provide data necessary for processing the order. They include contact data (first name, surname, email address, telephone number) and delivery address. Lack of the data required may make processing of the order impossible.

2. A Customer, placing an order, gives his/her consent for processing and using his/her data for order processing.

3. All data stored in the database of the Store are treated as confidential and shall not be made available to other entities. The data shall be processed only for the purpose of processing the order. The data are stored and properly protected against unauthorized persons in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883).

4. A Customer shall have the right to access the data, verify, modify them and request to delete them from the database of the Store.

5. If a Customer gives his/her consent, the Store hast he right to send to his/her email address the Newsletter and information on promotions and the products in the Store.


1. Information, trademarks and photographs on are the property of the company Goood - Paweł Jaworski. Copying, distributing and using them for any adveritising, promotional or other purposes without the consent of their owners is prohibitted.

2, The Store reserves the right to introduce changes to the Rules and Regulations.

3. All disputes, which cannot be settled amicably, shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the Seller‘s company's seat.

4. To all matters not settled herein provisions of the Civil Code, the laws on protection of some customers‘ rights and liability for damages caused by a hazardous product of 31 March 2000 (Journal of Laws no. 22, item 271) shall apply.

5. Other alternative methods of settling disputes:

A) online platform for settling disputes